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Last Name
Rachel Ackerhalt Alternative Education - ALP Northtowns Academy 716-961-4041
Ann Adams School Support Services 716-821-7577
Maria Adornetto Workforce Development 716-821-7027
Lynda Albert Technology Services 716-923-6510
Maureen Alf Human Resources Services 716-821-7089
Cherity Allen Technology Services 716-821-7381
Raymond Allen Special Education 716-821-7025
Shawn Allen Technology Services 716-821-7086
Cynthia Allen-Flynn Finance Services 716-821-7133
Michael Amici Technology Services 716-821-7532
Charles Amo ECIC 716-821-7262
Everet Anderson Technology Services 716-821-7413
Deborah Andrade Special Education 716-821-7023
Barbara Andrews Technology Services 716-821-7130
John Andrews Technology Services 716-821-7391
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